Electric and Natural Gas Aggregation


In November 2015, Russia residents along with other local communities passed a ballot issue regarding electric and natural gas aggregation.  Affordable Gas and Electric (AGE) secured a 36 month contract with AEP Energy for electric and a 24 month contract with Constellation Energy for natural gas.  Eligible customers, including those residential and small commercial customers that were currently on DP&L's default service automatically received the new lower rate with NO additional steps necessary unless the customer decided to opt-out of the aggregated rate.



If you were not automatically enrolled in the aggregation programs for electric and gas service due to an existing contract, you can sign up for aggregation upon the end of your contracted service.  Please check with your current service provider as to when your contract ends.


Our current aggregation rate for electric service is 5.441 cents/KWH through April 2019.  The rate will lower to 5.229 from May 2019 through April 2020.


For enrollment into the electric aggregation program, please call AEP Energy at (877) 726-0214.  Identify yourself as a resident of Russia and request to be enrolled in the village’s electric aggregation program.

Gas Aggregation


Our current aggregation rate for natural gas service is 38.98 cents/Ccf.


To enroll in the natural gas aggregation program, please call Constellation Energy at (844) 275-0799.  Identify yourself as a resident of Russia and request to be enrolled in the village’s natural gas aggregation program.

If you have trouble enrolling into either aggregation program or have any additional questions, please call Jordan Haarmann with Affordable Gas & Electric at (618) 203-8328.