Trash Service Info/Rates

Effective February 1, 2012 Russia residents electing to utilize the bulk trash service will be charged for this service on their monthly utility bill. Because village utilities are billed one month in arrears, residents will first see this fee on the bill mailed March 1, 2012.

  • ·     Residents choosing to utilize the bulk trash service will be charged a fee of $13.50 per month billed on a monthly basis.  This trash service is available per residence and can’t be shared by multiple residences. This option allows residents that produce a larger amount of trash to dispose of it for a reasonable fee. The Village of Russia and Allied Waste Services will provide a 96 gallon wheeled trash container to residents subscribing to the bulk trash service as part of the monthly fee.Residents currently using this service will automatically remain signed up for this service unless they contact the village office.
  •      Residents not currently using the bulk trash service and wishing to sign-up for it should call the Village office at 937.526.4436.
  •      Residents may continue utilize the bag system as they have in the past. Bags may be purchased from Buschur’s market at a cost of $2.30 per bag. These trash bags are sold in packs of 10.

The Village office will continue to sell tags for large items such as mattresses and appliances.  The appropriate tags must be attached to the item and placed at the curb for pickup on Friday during the normal trash pickup. Please review the list below for the fee schedule.


Lawn Mower (push type with oil and gas removed)  

3-Tags                         $ _15.00

Water heater, stove, washer, and dryer                     

4-Tags                         $ _20.00

Garbage cans w/ Debris (not to exceed 50 pounds) 

2-Tags                         $ _10.00

Bed springs or mattress Twin /Double                        

4-Tags                         $ _20.00

Bed springs or mattress Queen/King                       

6-Tags                         $ _30.00

Small Furniture (kitchen chairs, end tables, etc.)      

2-Tags                         $ _10.00

Large Furniture (sofa, recliner, table, etc.)                

4-Tags                         $ _20.00

 Auto Tire                                                                       

 6-Tags                        $   30.00

 Truck Tire                                                                      

 14-Tags                        70.00

 Car Batteries                                                              

8-Tags                         $    40.00

Refrigerator, Freezer

      A.   with Freon                                               

37-Tags            $_185.00

      B.   without Freon                                          

            6-Tags            __30.00

Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier

      A.   with Freon                                              

          31-Tags            _ 155.00

      B.   without Freon                                         

            1-Tag               ___5.00

Return trip for items not set out at time of pickup.               $ __ 15.00

Large item tags are available at the Village office.  If you have and additional questions regarding the trash service, please contact Mike at the Village office at 937.526.4436.

In an effort to keep your trash service fees to the lowest rates possible, the Village of Russia has entered into an exclusive agreement with Allied Waste for residential trash services. All other trash service companies are prohibited.