Mr. David Didier, President Performance Powder Coating

“Performance Powder Coating has been established in Russia since June 2008.  Deciding to start and operate my new business in this loyal town has been a great decision for me.  The village government has been responsive to my requests and I feel I can call anytime I have a concern.  There is not only pride in the Village of Russia, but people are friendly, caring with deep Christian roots and have great work ethics.  Russia is an all around tight-knit community that welcomes all who come.”


Mr. William Francis, President Francis Manufacturing

“We have owned and operated our family business in Russia, Ohio for the past 64

years. Our small, rural community and surrounding areas are blessed with an abundance

of hard-working, Christian families who instill upon their children a work ethic not

common in so many of the large urban centers of today. The outstanding school system

and quality of workforce make this community an ideal place in which to be successful in today’s challenging business environment.”


Mr. Edward Borchers, Past President Superior Aluminum

Superior Aluminum Products was incorporated in Youngstown, Ohio, in 1956. In 1966, with a change in ownership, the Company moved to Russia, Ohio. Due to the company’s success in the last 40 years, Superior Aluminum Products, Inc. has moved from their initial location into two larger facilities, due in part to the following reasons:

• Small, rural farming community with excellent work ethics.

• The school system’s academic rating ranks #11 out of some 600 plus districts in the

state. A testimonial to the parent/teacher/student involvement.

• Easily accessible to state and interstate highways.

• Village boasts an exceptionally well equipped park for all to enjoy.

• Many small supportive companies located in the area.

• An excellent Midwestern location for interstate trade.

• Larger than average size families with exceptional family values due to a deep religious


Ken Francis, President Francis Schulze Company

“The community of Russia has been instrumental in the success  of our third generation family business. The high standards set by the Russia community and the local work force has helped Francis Schulze Company become a leader in the distribution of wholesale building materials for over 50 years.”

Steve Rose, Superintendent Russia Local Schools

“Russia Local School and the Russia community are perfect examples of a school and community working together to provide the highest level of education, high moral values, and an overall positive environment in and out of school for our children.  I am extremely proud to serve Russia Local Schools and be an active member within the community.  The  students at Russia graduate with a top notch education, a tremendous work ethic, and community values that employers are looking for.”