Water system residential connection fees for a standard installation with a 5/8″ X 3/4″ inside water meter will have a $500.00 tap in fee. A water service application form must be downloaded, completed and returned to the village office with this tap in fee.  Once this fee is paid, the Village will provide the homeowner with a water meter and associated fittings. The water service is then ready to be activated.

Water will be billed monthly,  based on metered usage.



Residential water rates 


The water rates for single unit residential water usage are the  following:

Water Usage Fee
Base Rate (0-2,000 gal) $35.00 minimum monthly fee
2,001 - 6,000 gal $6.00 per thousand gallons
6,001 - 9,000 gal $5.00 per thousand gallons
9,001 - 10,000 gal $4.00 per thousand gallons
10,001 + gal $3.00 per thousand gallons




Beginning November 1, 2010, wastewater rates will be based on Metered Usage and will be billed on a monthly basis.  Wastewater users outside of the corporation limits are billed at 150% of the village resident rate.



Residential wastewater rates –


The Wastewater rates for single unit residential water usage are the  following:


Wastewater Use Fee
0-2,000 gal $29.00 minimum monthly fee
2,001 + gal $6.00 per thousand gallon


Bill Payment


Bills not paid by the 25th. of each month are subject to a 10% penalty fee. Unpaid balances on utility bills over $300.00 are subject to an additional one time $100.00 processing fee and will be submitted to the Shelby County Auditors Office for certification and assessment to the property taxes.


Wastewater bills may be paid by depositing them in the Utility bill slot on the West side of the village office located at 232 West Main Street or they may be mailed to:


Village of Russia

PO Box 361

 Russia Ohio 45363