Hydrant flushing

Spring hydrant flushing will commence the week of May 22 and will be completed on the 26th.  Flushing will take place between 8:00 AM and 3:30 PM with the goal of assuring proper operation of hydrants and valves.  Residents who notice a hydrant being flushed on their street or in their neighborhood should avoid running tap water or using the washing machine or dishwasher until the flushing has been completed and for 30 minutes after due to the possibility of discolored water. Anyone with any questions are asked to call the Office at 937-526-4436. This schedule could change due to inclement weather.

Following are the anticipated locations for flushing each day; these are subject to change:

May 22- Russia Rd, E Main St from Russia Rd to Industrial Dr and Industrial Dr.

May 23rd- Main St from North St to Russia Rd, First St, Highland Ave, School St, Elizabeth St and Raider St.

May 24th- Main St from North St to the west corporation limits, Lynn St, Cordonnier St, Francis St and N Liberty St.

May 25th-  S Liberty St, Westwood Dr, Borchers St, Voisard St, Park St, Oakwood St, Countryside St, Homestead St, Buckeye St and St Remy St.